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"I want to represent the people of Florida completely.  I have stood on frontlines with various marginalized communities to exhibit my loyalty and commitment to change.  Now, I'd like to bring that passion and energy to Tallahassee.  The cries and needs of the people should be inked in legislation and policies that will change circumstances.  I am willing to amplify the Voices of those who have been most impacted.  In order to do that I need your support.  Together, we can make a change!"
Reparatory Justice

Our collective history of racism has had lasting economic effects for Florida’s Black and Indigenous communities. Whether through segregation, forced removal, or discriminatory systemic practices, the pathway to justice can only be paved with repair. I will fight for social and economic policies that end ongoing systems of oppression, invest in Black and Indigenous communities, and advance our collective and distinct futures.  REPARATIONS NOW!

Community-led Policing
We must seek public safety measures that ensure the safety of African American lives. There must be an end to this community being disproportionately arrested, sentenced, and killed.  I am willing to stand up for those who can no longer stand for themselves because they have been imprisoned or murdered by excessive police force.

Housing Justice
Housing is a human right. Ensuring the availability of high-quality, affordable housing, imposing limitations on rent increases, and providing safe shelter for the unhoused are issues I will fight for. Housing justice is not an option.
Healthcare Justice

Healthcare is a human right. Everyone should have access to high-quality healthcare. This is why I support Medicare For All, which promises to expand healthcare as a public service and provide every citizen with medical, dental, and vision services.  A single-payer healthcare system will lower out-of-pocket costs, end health disparities, regulate the price of these services, and assure that everyone has equal access to an excellent standard of care. I will also fight to bring down the costs of prescription drugs.

Environmental Justice

Unchecked urban sprawl, deforestation, water pollution, and the destruction of our natural lands continue to threaten Florida wildlife, degrade our quality of life, and harm our health. I will fight for practices and policies that take into consideration models of degrowth and that not only preserve and protect our natural resources but enrich them. We have to reverse our destructive practices, not just push the pause button.

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